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Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 28, 2008

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Opening remarks

“We let one get away tonight. We had a three-point lead with some free-throws that could have put the game away, but we didn’t make them, and Jamil Tucker stepped up and made a big three for them.”

Are getting only five points from the bench a concern?

“Not necessarily. Obviously we would like to see more from our bench, but I thought our starters had it going pretty good offensively out there in the second half. First half, I thought we came out a little disjointed and then we got it going in the second half with chances to put them away. We had the lead at 72-69, and missed a couple of free throws that really could have given us a win. Our guys really competed in the second half, I just have to do a better job of getting us to close this game out, and it certainly would have been nice to get off to a better start than being down 8-2 to begin the game.”

On Shumpert’s play against Virginia…

“We thought he had a height advantage over [Sammy] Zeglinski that he could take advantage of and get into the paint. For some reason in the first half, he kept trying to make that extra pass. At halftime we talked about him getting into the painting and shooting over the defenders. He came out on the first play in the second half and threw the ball off Alade’s [Aminu] hands, and from there I guess he was convinced that he is better off shooting it and he got on a little roll there.”

On Lewis Clinch’s big three-pointer…

“He made a big three there coming off the screen. He had a tough night shooting, he was 6-16, but we want him to be aggressive. At the end of the game I didn’t want to call a timeout because I didn’t want to give the defense a chance to get set. We were hoping to get him going to the basket and instead he pulled up for the jumper, but still I think we had a pretty good shot in a one on one situation from a guy who we think can make big shots.”

What do you look at in the next three non-conference games before diving back into league play?

“Understanding execution of some of our set plays. There was a time tonight where we came out of a timeout and wanted to get Ghani [Lawal] the ball in the low box, and they threw a little gimmick at us which got us off track and off task. Tomorrow, we practice before we play Tennessee State, and it is going to be about trying to execute our half- court offense and getting the ball to where we want it to go.”


Opening Statement

“We had an opportunity to put our first foot forward and earn a share of first place for a while. I thought we started out very aggressive and if we can push the basketball and get some early opportunities that would be good for us and we did that. It was a terrific game, both teams played well and played to their strengths. They got a lot of inside scoring and attacked the glass. We were able to spread them out offensively and attack. They made some runs, we made some runs and the last two minutes before overtime, with the game hanging in the balance, some of our guys stepped up. To finish it off in overtime was huge. I think overall it speaks to what we have been talking about. We are getting a little bit better, a little more consistent on the defensive end.”

On the adversity the team faced on the road

“I look in the guys eyes and I did not think the atmosphere would challenge them more than I do. I take it to them every single day. Starting in the second half when we gave up the lead very early, the atmosphere and with (Lewis) Clinch attacking the basket was costing us. We weren’t rebounding well. At some point, the old bend but don’t break mentality came true and they stepped up when they had to. Hopefully, it is a sign that we can build on in the future.”

On building from this win down the road

“We are a work in progress. When I see something that hasn’t been done with a level of consistency or something you can count on. Because you are on the road, it’s the first ACC game with a lot of young guys; we are still piecing everything together. We haven’t had the easiest of stretches. Hopefully, but there is not any guarantees in this game, we can use this day as a measuring stick. This is what we did when we got up, this is what we did when we got down and this is where went too mentally and from an execution stand point.”

On the aggressive style of play late in the game

“The way this team is structured, especially with our younger guys, we are going to be better when we bring the game to you. We tried to do that later in the game, we started trapping and I think it disrupted them enough to give us some chances.”


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