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Paul Johnson Quotes From The ACC Kickoff

July 26, 2010

Day 2 Photos

Quotes from Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson on Day Two of The ACC Kickoff in Greensboro, N.C.

Is there an update on Robert Hall?
“Robert has almost finished community service. He has some things he has to take care of. Robert has performed everything that we have asked him to do. He will be suspended for first game.”

Was Al Groh hired because you wanted to go to the 3-4?
“It didn’t have to be a 3-4, it just happened to be his system. Any time you can get a coach like that, with that much experience and success, it’s great for our program.

“Al is a great football coach. He has a lot of energy and I think he’s going to be good for our program. We’re excited about having a guy like that on our staff.

“I think our players are excited about the direction. (Last year) we struggled to stop the run, we struggled in getting the other team off the field.”

What are your thoughts on being picked third in the Coastal Division?
“They had to pick somebody and we lost some key players. I think we can be competitive.”

Do you allow other teams to come visit during the spring to study your offense?
We have a lot of people visit during the spring. I have a commitment to guys who have coached with me. We have a lot of teams visit, but we’re not going to let a team visit that plays Navy or Georgia Southern or teams like that.

Is it important to have a senior at quarterback?
“I think it’s real important to have a guy in his third year as a starting quarterback. He has a lot of assets. He’s tough, he’s competitive and he hates to lose. Those are good things to have.”

Will Anthony Allen step in and replace Jonathan Dwyer?
“I think Anthony can be a good player. We’ve also got some other guys at that position – Lucas Cox, Richard Watson, Preston Lyons. I think Anthony is a very good player. I hope our production doesn’t drop off at that position and I don’t think it will.”

Can you talk about the Coastal Division?
“It’s extremely tough. There’s a lot of good teams. In my mind, there is not a weak link in the division. You have to be ready to play every Saturday. It’s a tough schedule on the road for us in the league.”

Is the ACC any closer to producing a national champion?
“I don’t know. Certainly there are some good teams. A lot of it will depend on being healthy and how well they mesh together. I think we’ve got four or five teams that could emerge as a national championship contender.”

Were you satisfied with the offensive line in the spring?
“I think we’ve got a chance to better on the offensive line. We’re going to be young there. I’m cautiously optimistic that we can be a better football team.”


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