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May 23, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Atlanta Super Regional Game #1
#3 Washington 7 – #14 Georgia Tech 1
May 23, 2009 – Mewborn Field

Georgia Tech
Coach Sharon Perkins

Opening statement:
“We came off to a good start. I think we had a couple more opportunities than what we thought coming into the game. (Lawrie) is a great pitcher.”

On Tech’s first loss at home in several weeks:
“We knew how this was going to play. We both deserve to be here. They came out hitting the ball. They did what they were supposed to do.”

#7 Blair Shimandle, CF
On an amazing catch in centerfield:
“It was definitely a lot harder hit. She hit the ball really well.”

On the play of Washington pitcher Danielle Lawrie:
“She’s definitely a great pitcher. We’ve seen other great pitchers throughout the year in the ACC. She has definitely earned her spot as one of the top three players in the nation.”

#21 Jessica Coan, P
On bouncing back for their games tomorrow:
“There’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. So I think we’ll be fine. I think if we do what we need to do, then we will be fine.”

Head Coach Heather Tarr

Opening Statement:
“Offensively, I thought we hit the ball pretty well, but couldn’t find a hole there for a few innings. We executed our plan pretty well. It’s nice to see Danielle get out of there early. She pitched alright, she knows she didn’t pitch her best, but I thought defensively we played well behind her and tomorrow’s a new day.”

#15 Danielle Lawrie, P
On her pitching performance today:
“I’m happy, the team put some runs up for me which was good because the first couple innings my pitching wasn’t as solid as I would have liked. When we’re not getting runs right away it makes me feel like I’ve got to step up. Once we started getting some runs up on the board, I started getting into a rhythm.”

On improving pitching during the series:
“I would say get ahead earlier in the count. The first inning I walked the leadoff hitter, and that’s not usually a regular pattern for me. Just get ahead of the hitter and have a little better control over my pitches. Yeah, my changeup was working and we could hit the inside, but there were some other pitches I could have thrown in better counts that they got hits on. I need to work on that.”

On her Olympic teammate Jen Yee:
“Yee’s a stud, hats off. She’s a great hitter and she hit a pitch that was more plate than I should have thrown. At the end of the game I went up to her and said ‘good job’, because I did play with her and get that Olympic experience with her. It’s kind of cool that there are three of us on that same team in the ballpark. She deserves that respect, I threw it on the plate, and she did a good job.”


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