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Draft Day Transcripts

April 28, 2007

Calvin Johnson’s NFL Press Conference Q. Obviously you knew this was inevitable, but now that it’s happened, can you sum up the emotions?

Calvin Johnson: I’m just overwhelmed with excitement right now. You know, just to be able to have the whole process over with and know where I’m going to be at in the future, I’m just excited.

Q. When did you first talk to the Lions and know that you were going to be the second pick? Calvin Johnson: I talked to them just a few minutes before the next pick, you know, so I knew a few minutes before they picked.

Q. Had you talked to them the last couple of days? Calvin Johnson: No, I haven’t been in contact with the team. I’ve just been up here traveling the city and making appearances and stuff like that.

Q. Did Detroit tell you definitively that you would be a Lion and not be subject to further trades? Calvin Johnson: From talking to the Lions, I’m going to be a Lion.

Q. Have you thought about what it will be like teaming up with Williams? Calvin Johnson: Definitely, I’ve been put into a great situation being under Coach Mike Martz and being able to play with another great receiver along with the rest of the good receivers that they have up there.

Q. When they made the call that they were picking you second, did they say not to worry about any trade rumors or have you had any conversations since then? Calvin Johnson: I have not talked to them since then because I have gone around doing little interviews and everything but, like I said, from talking to them earlier, I don’t believe they are going to trade.

Q. When you were at the draft table, you did an interview with Sanders and you were talking on your cell phone; who were you talking to and what were they telling you? Calvin Johnson: Just some friends. I’ve probably got about 60 messages on my phone that I haven’t been able to check because I’ve been going from interview to interview. Just a bunch of friends cheering me on.

Q. Talk about the adjustment you’re going to be making even though you’re going to be playing indoors, you’ll be in a cold weather city. Calvin Johnson: I don’t think it will be too much of a problem especially because we are playing indoors. I wouldn’t have a problem playing in the cold if that was the case.

Q. Was there a point where you thought you might be the top pick in the last few days? Is there any disappointment that you’re not? Calvin Johnson: There’s no disappointment, you know, going into the situation that we’re going into, I don’t think anybody knew exactly what was going to happen except for the Raiders. So whatever happened is what happened, but I think this is the best thing for me.

Q. Early on in the process people thought it would be logical that Detroit could not take a receiver, did you keep them off your list for the same reason everyone else assumed? Calvin Johnson: Not at all. After talking to Detroit, they always tell me I’m not going to fall; so I take that as two ways, either they will take me or trade. Obviously they took me so the rest speaks for itself.

Q. Have you talked to anyone about what to expect in the NFL? Calvin Johnson: I talked to Coach Gailey and he gave me tips and everything like that.

Q. What do you think your biggest challenge will be now moving into the pros? Calvin Johnson: Just keeping my same intensity and even more. A lot of guys get laid back after they make into it the league. They think that they have made it. You know, so I have to just keep up my intensity.

Q. Who did you call first? Calvin Johnson: I haven’t been able to call anybody. I’ve just been getting messages stacked up on top of messages.

Q. A lot of people were talking before the draft about how the Lions have taken three receivers in the Top-10 in the last four years and now you’re the fourth receiver in the Top-10 in the last five years. Any thoughts about going to a team that keeps taking wide receivers? Calvin Johnson: I mean, a wide receiver is going to be the best choice for them and they are going to take them. The last few years it may not have worked out but I’m sure my situation will.

Q. Can you talk about your motivation and just how you were driven this year? Calvin Johnson: Being known as the best player, it’s an honor, so it just encouraged me to keep working hard out there so I can keep that tight.

Q. How do you live up to that title and go to a team that’s lost so much and there will be so much expected of you on the field and off the field? How do you live up to that? Calvin Johnson: Like I said, I’ve just got to bring my habits, bring my intensity along with me. Like I said, I can’t just lay back.

Q. When you talked to the Lions, who did you talk to? Calvin Johnson: I talked to Mr. Millen and Mr. Martz, Mike Martz.

Q. What did he say? Calvin Johnson: He said I’m going to be in a good situation with him.

Q. We know about all of your strengths on the field; what’s one area you need to improve on or work on do you think? Calvin Johnson: I mean, I’m always working on everything every day. So I mean, I don’t feel that there’s one thing. I’m every day working hard trying to improve my game.

Q. You’ve been described by a lot of people as the best athlete in this draft. How do you react to hearing that and do you believe that about yourself? Calvin Johnson: I definitely believe that and the way I react, like I said earlier, just keep working hard and keep up my intensity.

Q. Have you looked at any wide receivers that you might pattern your game after? Calvin Johnson: I’ve never really patterned myself after anybody. I just work hard and I’m here today, just proud of the hard work over the years. I haven’t really patterned myself after anybody. I just try to be myself on the field.

Q. How will you celebrate tonight? Calvin Johnson: I don’t know, I’m not sure what my schedule is going to be right away. I have to figure out what my schedule is going to be and then I can go from there if I want to have a party or whatever.

Q. When you saw JaMarcus wearing all-black, did you think the decision had been made? Calvin Johnson: No, I didn’t think nothing to it.

Q. Did you think he might have a clue? Calvin Johnson: I really honestly didn’t put the two together.

Q. You’re about to be very rich; what’s the first thing you’re going to buy? Calvin Johnson: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about the money at all. You know, I just want to get to my team and I just want to play.

Q. Are there any current NFL players that you have or will go to for advice as you enter the league? Calvin Johnson: I’ll talk to different people, you know, and I’ll definitely take on — I’ll definitely accept any advice anybody gives and I’ll seek some out for advice.

Q. What do you think are some of the pitfalls that sometimes receivers who do really well in college find in the pros? Calvin Johnson: Like I said early year, just the main reason a lot of people struggle is just because they lose their intensity when they go from college to the League; they think that they have made it, and it’s just another step.

Lions President & CEO Matt Millen and Head Coach Rod Marinelli

MM: “Well, obviously with our first pick we took Calvin Johnson. We are excited – it was an easy decision to make. (There was) very little conversation with other teams. I spoke this morning with a few of them, but in the end, it was actually a very easy decision to make for us. Calvin Johnson, and what he brings to this football team, is obvious. If you’re looking at the measurables, they’re way off the charts. If you’re looking at the intangibles, he has all of those as well. I think his character is outstanding; I think his work ethic is high. I told him when he was here that he wouldn’t get past two. We talked about that when we chose him. We couldn’t be more excited to get Calvin Johnson.

“Let me just say this: if any of you are thinking that we’re going to use this now to leverage it, the answer is no. Calvin Johnson is staying right here in Detroit. Calvin Johnson is going to team with the rest of this offense and turn it into one of the most dynamic offenses in this league. I firmly believe that. You can scoff at it if you like, I really don’t care because I think it’s going to happen.

“I couldn’t be more pleased and I’ve got my coach here because I believe this thing is going to happen.”


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