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Chat Transcript: Safety Jeremy Muyres

Oct. 1, 2002

On Wednesday, Georgia Tech senior free safety Jeremy Muyres dropped by to take questions as the Yellow Jackets prepare for an Atlantic Coast Conference home game against Wake Forest. Muyres is a two-time all-ACC selection on the field and a two-time ACC all-academic honoree in the classroom. He has started 38 straight games in the Tech secondary and is the Jackets’ active leader with nine career interceptions.

See what he had to say below:

Jeremy Muyres: (1:29 PM ET ) Hello everyone. I am here and ready for your questions. Let’s get started.

Robert (Birmingham): Great year so far! I just wanted to know how you feel the season is going and how much do you think yourself and the team have matured over the past few weeks?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:30 PM ET ) So far, the season is going well. I’m proud of this team fighting through all the adversity. These last couple of weeks have really matured this team a great deal, and we are just looking to improve on everything.

Tom (Phoenix): Jeremy, great season so far. What type of game plan are we preparing for Wake on defense. Is it 8 guys in the box to stop the run? My worry is potential play action could bite us and keep Wake in the game?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:32 PM ET ) We’re putting extra time this week for the running game, but we’re putting sufficient time in for the passing game as well.

Buddy from Smyrna: Jeremy, what’s the big difference in playing for Jon Tenuta instead of Ted Roof. How much credit would you give Tenuta for Tech’s defensive success this season?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:33 PM ET ) They’re both good coaches. Everyone has their own style of the way they coach a defense, and Coach Tenuta has done a good job this year in scouting the offense, schemes and everything.

Robert(Atlanta): Jeremy, how would you compare this team’s chemistry to the other team’s you have been on? I really like the resiliency that this team has exhibited in its last few games.

Jeremy Muyres: (1:35 PM ET ) One of the main ingredients to this year’s success is our team chemistry and our ability to play as a team. You can compare it to my sophomore year when we went 9-3. It’s a very similar team, and the chemistry is very similar.

Ronald Wimbush: Hey Jeremy, I would like to commend you guys on a pretty good season thus far. My question is about my brother Recardo Wimbush. Do you feel his move from strong side to weak side was a good move for him? I am rooting for you guys to take the ACC this year and with a lot of hard work I think you can. GO JACKETS!!!!!!!

Jeremy Muyres: (1:37 PM ET ) One thing about Recardo is, wherever you put him, he’s going to have success. I have a lot of respect for him in his preparation and in his plan on the field.

Jason (Roanoke): What is your favorite Tech moment so far and what moment do want to see happen in this, your Senior year?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:40 PM ET ) Beating Georgia my freshman and sophomore years and when Kerry Watkins made that game-winning catch against Clemson last year, those are my best memories so far. Making a run at the ACC and a victory over Georgia at the end of the season would be very memorable for this year.

Brian: Since both your brothers played college football, it seems like football is something special in your family. Even though they don’t play anymore, do the three of you still talk about it?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:41 PM ET ) Yeah, we talk all the time. It’s always brought up whenever we’re around each other, and hopefully one day down the road I’ll be able to play in a flag football league with the both of them. That would be priceless.

Brett Bishop/ Dalton, Ga.: First of all thanks for taking the time to read my question, Jeremy. I am a huge Jacket fan and have enjoyed watching you for the past four years. Do you think Ace Eziemefe has the qualities to sustain a serious running game against the stronger teams? Also does A.J. show any of the qualities as say a George Godsey or a Joe Hamilton?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:44 PM ET ) I think Ace is a good back, and he works hard. As long as he keeps up his work ethic, he will do fine. A.J. is coming along, and he does show some qualities that those guys had. Just continue to support them and don’t give up on them.

swarmee (Atlanta): Congrats on a great 4 years at Tech. What are your plans after college?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:45 PM ET ) My dream has always been to go to the next level. I know God’s got a plan for me, so I’m just leaving it in his hands, and we’ll go from there.

albany: Do you think Tony Hollings will recover from his knee injury at 100%? If so, do you think he has enough talent to make it in the NFL?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:46 PM ET ) I think he will. He’s got a lot fo time to recover. And yes, I think he’s got what it takes to make it to the next level. He has a tremendous work ethic and he is a great athlete.

Barrett Overton (Atlanta): Who is the hardest hitter on the team?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:48 PM ET ) Daryl Smith. That kid is amazing, and is really fun to watch.

Wes from Carthage, NC: In the BYU game. That was the most agresive deffense I’v seen y’all play in 6 years!!! Did you feel the same?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:49 PM ET ) I feel that was the best our defense has played since I’ve been here. We played with intensity and effort the whole game, and that’s the best I’ve felt about our defense.

Wesley (Savannah): Hey Jeremy, great start to the season for ya’! I used to play basketball with Nathan Burton in Atlanta growing up. How do you think he will be able to do when you are gone next year. I know he had an int. against Vandy. Thanks and good luck!

Jeremy Muyres: (1:50 PM ET ) Nathan is a good player with a good work ethic. As long as he continues to work hard and work at the game, I think he’ll do well next year.

Blake (Atlanta): You and Cory Collins have played awesome so far at Safety. How would you rate the play of the cornerbacks as compared to the past 3 or so years?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:52 PM ET ) The cornerbacks have played really well. They continue to improve every game, and they are working really hard every day in practice. I’m looking for them to continue their good play.

Jim (Dacula): How do you think you will finish out the year. Do you have the ability to win 8 games and go to a great bowl?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:54 PM ET ) If we can continue to do what we’re doing and keep working hard, and playing with the intensity that we are, I think we can.

Jason (Roanoke): Who is the hardest receiver on the team to cover? Who is the fastest?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:55 PM ET ) They all have their different abilities, and all are pretty tough to cover. I would say Kerry Watkins is the quickest and Bridges is the fastest. Glover and Smith can make a lot of plays too.

bshipp: Jeremy do you think that the team will step up without gather and hollings

Jeremy Muyres: (1:57 PM ET ) I think we did a good job vs. North Carolina, and I think we’ll continue to have the success. Losing Tony and Greg was a big blow to out team, but we’ve had players step up in their positions.

Kevin (Greenville): Who in the NFL do you pattern your game after?

Jeremy Muyres: (1:59 PM ET ) My favorite DB is John Lynch for Tampa Bay. I really enjoy watching him play. He’s a really aggressive player, and he studies the game extremely well.

Jeremy Muyres: (2:00 PM ET ) That is all the time I have right now. Thanks for having me here and for all the great questions. Hopefully we can pull off a victory over Wake Forest this Saturday. Hope to see you there cheering loudly for the Jackets!!


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