Blog Entry #4: November 5 By Senior Tiffany Johnson

Nov. 5, 2008

Hey Tech Fans!

Since we started back up with individuals, we continue to practice three days out of the week individually and work on our skills. The past two weeks have been tough, but fun!!! For homecoming week, we had a medium week in the weight room but a weekend to look forward too!! A medium week consisted of 40-60% of weight lifting and a lot of sprints and agility. Since homecoming week was filled with fun events we had to maintain for weights and HC festivities. Homecoming was one to remember since it was my senior year. I enjoyed the events around campus such as FCA events, parties and tailgates. Tech homecomings are so overwhelming. We have a fan base that is so family-oriented. Everyone come back to visit there “ole” alma mater and just embrace in the jacket spirit and just celebrate. There was a funny event that happened to me. I caught myself getting my face painted for homecoming and the guy spilled paint all over my shirt. I was so mad but I just let it go just because it was homecoming. Even though the football game didn’t go as planned the weekend was great!!!!

This past week was difficult in the weight room as we had a heavy load. We did 70-90% in power clean, squat and bench press. Even though we had a heavy week, we still had team competitions to prepare for. In weights the coaches and Tiff (our strength coach Tiffany Allen) pick teams among our whole team to compete in the fall. Really the competitions are for fun, and just to keep us on our toes, but we take them very seriously. My team (Dem Girls) are leading right now!!! Our team consists of Jennifer Yee, Jessica Weaver, Danielle Dike and I. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!

On another note our football team played Florida State this past weekend and it was a blast. It was such an amazing experience knowing that we beat a team that we haven’t beat since 1975! The atmosphere was amazing and since we are on a roll in football I hope we beat UGA later this month!!


Blog Entry #4: November 5 By Senior Tiffany Johnson
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Blog Entry #4: November 5 By Senior Tiffany Johnson
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