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2000 Buzz Classic Softball Tournament Information

Al Bishop Softball Complex
Marietta, GA
March 24 – 26, 2000

Take 75 N and exit Windy Hill. Take a left off the exit and follow it all the way until Windy Hill dead ends into Austell Road. Take a left on Austell Road. At 1st light, turn left. Take first left onto Al Bishop Drive. You will see the complex as you enter Al Bishop Drive.


3-Day Pass: Adults $13; Children $82-Day Pass: Adults $8; Children $51-Day Pass: Adults $5, Children $3


Georgia Tech            FRI     vs. Marshall @ 3:00pm; vs. Col. Of Charleston @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. FAMU @ 12:30pm; vs. TN Tech @ 5:30pmCol. Of Charleston      FRI     vs. FAMU @ 1:00pm; vs. Georgia Tech @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. TN Tech @ 10:30am; vs. Marshall @ 3:30pmFlorida A & M               FRI     vs. Col. Of Charleston @ 1:00pm; vs. TN Tech @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Marshall @ 8:30am; vs. Georgia Tech @ 12:30pmTenn. Tech              FRI     vs. Marshall @ 11:00am; vs. FAMU @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Col. Of Charleston @ 10:30am; vs. Georgia Tech @ 5:30pmMarshall                FRI     vs. TN Tech @ 11:00am; vs. Georgia Tech @ 3:00pmSAT     vs. FAMU @ 8:30am; vs. Col. Of Charleston @ 3:30pmMaryland                FRI     vs. Harvard @ 11:00am; vs. Southwest Missouri @ 3:00pmSAT     vs. Mercer @ 8:30am; vs. Coastal @ 12:30pmHarvard         FRI     vs. Maryland @ 11:00am; vs. Mercer @ 1:00pmSAT     vs. Southwest Missouri @ 10:30am; vs. Coastal @ 5:30pmSouthwest Missouri      FRI     vs. Maryland @ 3:00pm; vs. Coastal @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Harvard @ 10:30am; vs. Mercer @ 3:30pmCoastal Carolina        FRI     vs. Mercer @ 6:00pm; vs. Southwest Missouri @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Maryland @ 12:30pm; vs. Harvard @ 5:30pmMercer                  FRI     vs. Harvard @ 1:00pm; vs. Coastal @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Maryland @ 8:30am; vs. Southwest Missouri @ 3:30pmNorth Carolina  FRI     vs. Evansville @ 3:00pm; vs. UCONN @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Virginia Tech @ 12:30pm; vs. Georgia State @ 5:30pmConnecticut             FRI     vs. Virginia Tech @ 1:00pm; vs. North Carolina @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Georgia State @ 10:30am; vs. Evansville @ 3:30pmVirginia Tech           FRI     vs. UCONN @ 1:00pm; vs. Georgia State @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Evansville @ 8:30am; vs. North Carolina @ 12:30pmGeorgia State           FRI     vs. Evansville @ 11:00am; vs. Virginia Tech @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. UCONN @ 10:30am; vs. North Carolina @ 5:30pmUniv. of Evansville     FRI     vs. Georgia State @ 11:00am; vs. North Carolina @ 3:00pmSAT     vs. Virginia Tech @ 8:30am; vs. UCONN @ 3:30pmEast Carolina           FRI     vs. Campbell @ 1:00pm; vs. Brown @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Samford @ 12:30pm; vs. Florida International @ 5:30pmBrown                   FRI     vs. Samford @ 3:00pm; vs. East Carolina @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Florida International @ 10:30am; vs. Campbell @ 3:30pmSamford         FRI     vs. Brown @ 3:00pm; vs. Florida International @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Campbell @ 8:30am; vs. East Carolina @ 12:30pmFlorida International   FRI     vs.  Campbell @ 11:00am; vs. Samford @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Brown @ 10:30am; vs. East Carolina @ 5:30pmCampbell                FRI     vs. Florida International @ 11:00am; vs. East Carolina @ 1:00pmSAT     vs. Samford @ 8:30am; vs. Brown @ 3:30pmMiddle Tenn. State      FRI     vs. Florida Atlantic @ 1:00pm; vs. Illinois-Chicago @ 6:00pmSAT     vs. Ohio @ 8:30am; vs. Rhode Island @ 3:30pmIllinois-Chicago        FRI     vs. MTSU @ 6:00pm; vs. Rhode Island @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Ohio @ 12:30pm; vs. Florida Atlantic @ 5:30pm Rhode Island            FRI     vs. Ohio @ 3:00pm; vs. Illinois-Chicago @ 8:00pmSAT     vs. Florida Atlantic @ 10:30am; vs. MTSU @ 3:30pm        Florida Atlantic        FRI     vs. Ohio @ 11:00am; vs. MTSU @ 1:00pmSAT     vs. Rhode Island @ 10:30am; vs. Illinois-Chicago @ 5:30pmOhio                    FRI     vs. Florida Atlantic @ 11:00am; vs. Rhode Island @ 3:00pmSAT     vs. MTSU @ 8:30am; vs. Illinois-Chicago @ 12:30pm

Note: Top two teams in each pool, plus two wild cards, advance and will be seeded 1-12.

SATURDAY, 8 p.m.        #12 vs. #5, #11 vs. #6, #10 vs. #7, #9 vs. #8SUNDAY, 9 a.m.  #4 vs. #5/12, #2 vs. #6/11, # vs. #7/10, #1 vs. 8/9SUNDAY, 11 a.m. 2/6/11 vs. 4/5/12; 1/8/9 vs. 3/7/10SUNDAY, 1 p.m.  CHAMPIONSHIP


December 15, 2020 Huckabay Earns ACC Go Teach Tuition Award

Georgia Tech outfielder earns $2,500 scholarship to pursue a career in education

Huckabay Earns ACC Go Teach Tuition Award
December 15, 2020 PHOTOS: 2020 Winter Commencement


PHOTOS: 2020 Winter Commencement
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