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Georgia Tech Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct

ARTICLE II: HONOR CODE Section 1. Statement of Purpose
The members of the Georgia Tech community believe the fundamental objective of the Institute is to provide the students with a high-quality education while developing in them a sense of ethics and social responsibility. We believe that trust is an integral part of the learning process and that self-discipline is necessary in this pursuit. We also believe that any instance of dishonesty hurts the entire community. It is with this in mind that we have set forth a student Honor Code at Georgia Tech.


Academic Honor Code
Academic Misconduct Processes
Alleged Academic Misconduct Video
Academic Misconduct Sanctioning Guidelines


Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity is defined as earning credit honestly through your own efforts. Academic Integrity should be the number one priority for student-athletes, as the sanctions for violating, for all students are punitive and may result in suspension from the Institute. The most common forms of academic dishonesty are the following:


Cheating on exams.

Cheating on Assignments and Unauthorized Collaboration.


The NCAA has defined academic fraud as knowledge of involvement in arranging for fraudulent academic credit or false transcripts for a prospective or enrolled student-athlete, fraudulence in connection with entrance or placement examinations or any special arrangement regarding academics by an institutional employee. Examples of academic fraud include, but are not limited to:

  • A professor giving a student-athlete a grade he or she did not earn.
  • A tutor or other athletics department representative completing work the student-athlete is responsible for completing.
  • Someone completing correspondence coursework for a student-athlete.
  • Someone taking a placement exam for a prospective or enrolled student-athlete.


This is our core academic support program. All new student-athletes will participate in this transition support program as well as many student-athletes continue throughout their academic career. Emphasizes individualized learning and support structure for our student-athletes; building trust while instilling academic skills. It incorporates an intensive Assistant Director and Academic Coordinator mentorship, monitoring of academic progress in courses, emphasis on progress towards degree, communication, and tutorial assistance. These collective elements provide our student-athletes with the tools and resources for academic success, persistence, and graduation from Georgia Tech.

Core components of the EXCEL@TECH Program:

  • A program that provides academic support, mentoring, and guidance
  • Student-athlete is assigned a GTAA Academic Coordinator and Assistant Director.
  • Program includes individualized academic study plans and structure of support which may include tutorial services, Academic Coordinator sessions, study hall, and campus resource referrals.
  • Student-athletes are provided time management schedule which incorporate all athletic/academic requirements.
  • Academic staff maintains continuous contact and communication with student-athlete, Head Coach, and professors.
  • Includes intervention plans as needed.
  • Monitors and assists with compliance/completion of course requirements.
  • Monitors travel/competition conflicts and excused class misses.
  • Campus resource referrals and Total Person Program developmental resources.
  • Weekly meetings with Head Coach (or Academic designee).
  • Tutorial assistance available for individuals, small groups, and large groups

NCAA PTD Requirements

Entering 2nd Year
(3rd fulltime semester)
24 hours earned90% of GPA required for graduation: 1.80
Entering 3rd Year
(5th fulltime semester)
40% of degree earned95% of GPA required for graduation: 1.90
Entering 4th Year
(7th fulltime semester)
60% of degree earned100% of GPA required for graduation: 2.0
Entering 5th Year
(9th fulltime semester)
80% of degree earned100% of GPA required for graduation: 2.0
  • Must earn 6 degree applicable hours every academic term (Fall & Spring).
  • Must earn 18 degree applicable hours during every academic year (Fall-Spring).
  • Football – Must earn 9 degree applicable hours every Fall semester.
  • Must remain enrolled in 12 hours every Fall and Spring semester (unless NCAA exception applied).
  • Must maintain Good Academic Standing.
  • Baseball – must meet all NCAA PTD Requirements by Fall term.

Campus Resources-Center for Academic Success

Looking for tutoring services? A variety of campus tutoring programs are available, and many focus specifically on freshman and sophomore core classes. All are free and open to currently enrolled Georgia Tech students. To schedule an appointment, click here.

  • 1-to-1 Tutoring is appointment based tutoring offered by the Center for Academic Success in Suite 273.
  • Commons Tutoring: Help Desk is drop-in tutoring that occurs on the 2nd floor of the Clough Commons and includes the Math Lab, Chemistry, Physics, and CS 1371 Help Desk.
  • Communication Center (CommLab) is located on the 4th floor of the Clough Commons and pro- vides tutoring in communication-related assignments or projects regardless of discipline.
  • Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is drop-in tutoring for freshman and sophomore courses that is offered by Residence Life and occurs during evenings in several of the freshman residence halls.
  • OMED offers tutoring and a variety of academic support services, including Concept Classes.
  • Shell Mechanical Engineering (ME) Tutoring Program is offered by the School of Mechanical. Engineering and provides tutoring for a variety of ME courses.

Disability Services

Disability Services, a department in the Office of the Dean of Students, provides support and resource information for students with disabilities at GT. Students must demonstrate through documentation that the disorder/ impairment meets the definition of a disability under Title II of the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Office of Disability Services, along with the Board of Regents, has established guidelines for documenting conditions that qualify for accommodations. These guidelines help provide comprehensive and current information regarding the functional limitations caused by the condition as well as any appropriate and reasonable modifications in an academic setting.

In collaboration with the Office of Disability Services, GTAA has a designated liaison, Assistant AD for Special Projects, to assist student-athletes with the processes, testing procedures, and registration. Student-athletes should access the website at and meet with their Assistant Director for GTAA staff contact.


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