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VIDEO: One-on-One with Jose Alvarado

Georgia Tech radio voice Andy Demetra chats with Georgia Tech sophomore guard Jose Alvarado

A tough, gritty, high motor point guard who became an ironman running the Jackets’ offense as a freshman until suffering a dislocated left elbow 12 minutes into Tech’s Feb. 11 game against Duke. After surgery and a recovery period, Alvarado returned to the court in the summer and has taken up where he left off, leading the Jackets in minutes played, scoring and assists, while ranking among the ACC leaders in minutes, assists, steals and free throw shooting. A three-star prospect out of high school, Alvarado follows a pair of legendary New York point guards into the Tech program — Kenny Anderson (1989-91) and Stephon Marbury (1995-96).

Here’s more from Alvarado…

How did you decide to come to Georgia Tech?

“When I first got on a visit I fell in love with the environment-like a small New York City. My family, my parent loved the coaching staff and just loved the school. I had the best opportunity to come here with the ACC to start.”

What are three words you can use to describe yourself?

“Tough, blessed, caring. I care for a lot of people.”

Did you play another sport before you settled on basketball, and how good were you at it?

“I played baseball, and I was really good at it. I just got bored a little with it. I started playing football in Staten Island. I thought I was going to high school for it, then I got a spine injury. I started playing basketball at age 9-10.”

So basketball was the third sport you started playing?


If you could play a musical instrument, what would it be?

“A guitar. It would be pretty cool.”

Is there a story behind the jersey number you wear?

“I mean 15 was really my number. In freshmen year in high school, I went to Christ the King. And sophomore year, I went to varsity and 15 wasn’t available. So I was really struggling with it. I didn’t really know what to do, and I was looking at the history of Christ the King, Jon Severe, Lamar Odom, stuff like that. And 10 is a successful number, and I stuck with 10. And basically ever since my sophomore year I’ve just carried it on, and hopefully it continues. It’s a successful number here (Georgia Tech) obviously. I just want to continue with number 10, it’s my number for life now.”

Is there one thing that you’ve never done or tired that you would like to do?

“Travel the world. See everything around the world. Greece (more specifically).”

When you shoot alone in the gym, what music do you listen to?

“It depends on what type of vibe. (I’ve listened to) Li’l Baby ever since I’ve come to Atlanta. He’s my dawg, so I like him. I listen to him a lot. I like listening to Spanish music, but I don’t really know Spanish like that. That’s a fun fact about me. I’m Spanish, but I don’t know any Spanish.”

Do you have a pregame routine you follow, or have any superstitions? 

“I listen to Missing You by P Diddy for my grandma. I listen to it every day before a game. I think about her everyday, but during the game it’s most important, because I lost her, and she was the most important person in my life. It’s the one thing I listen to and one thing I do before every game is pray to her and then stretch and stuff like that.”

You’ve been doing that since high school?

“High school-ever since she got colon cancer.  I kept praying for her every day. I lost her a few years ago so that’s what I do ever since them.”

Who’s the worst dancer on the team?

It could be James. Shaheed is definitely one. I could say Shaheed or James they’re pretty bad at it.”

Who’s the best dancer on the team?

“Curt, Shem (Shembari Phillips), or Malachi (Rice)-one of those of three. They’re pretty good.”

Who’s the one person you’d like to one-on-one and why?

“One-on-one it’d probably be Chris Paul. I almost had the chance to but he was injured. I went to his Chris Paul Camp. But if anything I’d love to play my dad. I always used to play my dad one-on-one. It was always a laughing game. But that’s my role model if I look up to anybody its him. But basketball wise Chris Paul. My dad is like who I want to be when I grow up as a man he did anything you could ask for.”

Besides your phone is their one thing you must pack for a road trip?

“That’s hard. Headphones-they are pretty dope.”



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