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Welcome to the Georgia Tech Athletics compliance webpage for fans, boosters, and alumni. Part of the responsibility of the compliance office includes educating fans, boosters, and alumni regarding NCAA, ACC, Institute, and GTAA rules to foster a culture of compliance that promotes the mission and values of the GTAA. To guide your interactions with future and current Georgia Tech student-athletes, please find some helpful links below. 

Please remember the Georgia Tech Athletics compliance office is also a valuable resource for you. If you are ever unsure about how to show your support for Georgia Tech Athletics, please contact the compliance office before taking action. We are extremely grateful for your help and thank you for your loyal and continued contributions. 

Charitable Donations

Georgia Tech Athletics values its ability to donate items and autographs for charitable purposes. However, before any request can be approved, the following documents must be emailed to the compliance office ( 

  • Donation Request Form 
  • A letter on organizational letterhead describing the event for which the donation is being requested 

If you are requesting items be autographed, you must purchase the items. Georgia Tech Athletics does not provide items to be autographed. Please contact the compliance office to coordinate delivery of the items. All items must be delivered four weeks prior to the event to ensure the return of the items by your deadline. 

Georgia Tech Athletics operates under NCAA rules and regulations. Therefore, it may not be permissible to approve all requests. If your request cannot be granted, you will receive such notification in a timely manner and any items related to your request will also be returned. Georgia Tech Athletics does not accept any items to be autographed by Georgia Tech student-athletes. 

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