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Georgia Tech Boosters and Recruiting

Who is a Booster? 

A representative of Georgia Tech athletics interests (aka Booster) is anyone that has ever:

  • Been a member of an organization that supports Georgia Tech Athletics;
  • Made financial contributions to the athletics department or a booster organization;
  • Been involved with the recruitment of a prospect;
  • Provided benefits to an enrolled student-athlete or their relatives or friends; or
  • Otherwise been involved in promoting the Georgia Tech athletics program.

While the actions above are the main avenues to trigger booster status, this is not an exhaustive list. Safe to say, if you reading this, you are probably a booster.

And how long does one stay a booster? Indefinitely. Once a booster, always a booster!


Boosters and the Recruitment Process

It is not permissible for boosters to be involved in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes. Contact with a prospect or anyone associated with a prospect (relatives, significant others, coaches, etc.) or the provision of benefits to these individuals is not permitted at any time by boosters.

Much has been written lately about new laws and legislation that now allow student-athletes to profit from the use of their Name, Image, or Likeness (NIL). While profiting from a NIL deal is permissible, the prohibition regarding booster contact during the recruiting process remains in place.

As Georgia Tech is accountable to the NCAA for the actions of our boosters, we request that you ASK BEFORE YOU ACT when it comes to any possible involvement with NIL, prospects, and recruitment. We do not want to jeopardize the eligibility of a prospect to compete for Georgia Tech or risk your ability to continue to associate with Georgia Tech as a booster.

If you have any questions, please contact the compliance office at

Go Jackets!!


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