Student – Athlete Advisory Board


Alex Grady, Men’s Cross Country/Track
Amy Ruiz, Women’s Cross Country
Angelica Henderson, Women’s Track & Field
Antonia Peresson, Women’s Basketball
Argyro Kosmakos, Cheerleading
Ashley Askin, Volleyball
Brad Stewart, Football
Brant Mitchell, Football
Carly Wood, Cheerleading
Chanin Scott, Women’s Basketball
Chris Petefish, Golf
Clay Hering, Men’s Swimming & Diving
Emily Becker, Volleyball
Emily Dykstra, Women’s Swimming & Diving
Erin Gant, Women’s Cross Country
Frank Pittman, Men’s Cross Country
James Clark, Golf
Tyler Cooksey, Football
Jonathan Langley, Baseball
Joonas Koski, Men’s Swimming & Diving
Joseph Portillo, Men’s Swimming & Diving
Josh Okogie, Men’s Basketball
Micah Carpenter, Baseball
Katie Krzus, Softball
Kendall Chadwick, Softball
Kenya Collins, Women’s Track
Kerri Reid, Cheerleading
KeShun Freeman, Football
Kodie Comby, Volleyball
Maddie Oliver, Women’s Swimming & Diving
Michael Kay, Men’s Tennis
Nami Otsuka, Women’s Tennis
Paige Hourigan, Women’s Tennis
Rachel Thorne, Women’s Track
Sara Gilbert, Women’s Swimming & Diving
Shaun Kagawa, Football
Sydney Wilson, Volleyball
Shaun Kagawa, Football
Sylvester Ogbonda, Men’s Basketball
Tyler Merriweather, Football
Tyson Spears, Men’s Track


The Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) is a committee of student-athletes representing each sports team within the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. The SAAB is a bridge linking student-athlete concerns with the GTAA administration. Along with major community service projects involving multiple teams, the board is called upon to give input on improving student-athlete welfare at Georgia Tech. The SAAB provides vital input on student-athlete support services to all Georgia Tech student-athletes. SAAB meets monthly to discuss issues relating to Georgia Tech student-athletes, to bring forth concerns or suggestions for programming for student-athletes, and to plan community service projects

The Shades of Greatness art exhibit and panel discussion provided the campus with an opportunity to reflect on African American history and culture through the lens of sports. Panelists included representatives from the Georgia Tech faculty and the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. The discussion took place in the D.M. Smith building.