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Georgia Tech Honor Code and Student Code of Conduct

ARTICLE II: HONOR CODE Section 1. Statement of Purpose
The members of the Georgia Tech community believe the fundamental objective of the Institute is to provide the students with a high-quality education while developing in them a sense of ethics and social responsibility. We believe that trust is an integral part of the learning process and that self-discipline is necessary in this pursuit. We also believe that any instance of dishonesty hurts the entire community. It is with this in mind that we have set forth a student Honor Code at Georgia Tech.


Academic Honor Code
Academic Misconduct Processes
Alleged Academic Misconduct Video
Academic Misconduct Sanctioning Guidelines

Academic Integrity:

Academic Integrity is defined as earning credit honestly through your own efforts. Academic Integrity should be the number one priority for student-athletes, as the sanctions for violating, for all students are punitive and may result in suspension from the Institute. The most common forms of academic dishonesty are the following:


Cheating on exams.

Cheating on Assignments and Unauthorized Collaboration.

Academic Fraud

The NCAA has defined academic fraud as knowledge of involvement in arranging for fraudulent academic credit or false transcripts for a prospective or enrolled student-athlete, fraudulence in connection with entrance or placement examinations or any special arrangement regarding academics by an institutional employee. Examples of academic fraud include, but are not limited to:

  • A professor giving a student-athlete a grade he or she did not earn.
  • A tutor or other athletics department representative completing work the student-athlete is responsible for completing.
  • Someone completing correspondence coursework for a student-athlete.
  • Someone taking a placement exam for a prospective or enrolled student-athlete.


This is our core academic support program. All new student-athletes will participate in this transition support program as well as many student-athletes continue throughout their academic career. Emphasizes individualized learning and support structure for our student-athletes; building trust while instilling academic skills. It incorporates an intensive Assistant Director and Academic Coordinator mentorship, monitoring of academic progress in courses, emphasis on progress towards degree, communication, and tutorial assistance. These collective elements provide our student-athletes with the tools and resources for academic success, persistence, and graduation from Georgia Tech.

Core components of the EXCEL@TECH Program:


  • A program that provides academic support, mentoring, and guidance
  • Student-athlete is assigned a GTAA Academic Coordinator and Assistant Director.
  • Program includes individualized academic study plans and structure of support which may include tutorial services, Academic Coordinator sessions, study hall, and campus resource referrals.
  • Student-athletes are provided time management schedule which incorporate all athletic/academic requirements.
  • Academic staff maintains continuous contact and communication with student-athlete, Head Coach, and professors.
  • Includes intervention plans as needed.
  • Monitors and assists with compliance/completion of course requirements.
  • Monitors travel/competition conflicts and excused class misses.
  • Campus resource referrals and Total Person Program developmental resources.
  • Weekly meetings with Head Coach (or Academic designee).
  • Tutorial assistance available for individuals, small groups, and large groups



Peer tutoring is available to all student-athletes. Tutoring should be viewed as a supplement to the instructors’ lessons and the student’s own hard work. Currently, subject tutoring is offered in the majority of undergraduate courses with exception of English and Computer Science programming courses. Tutoring is available six days per week and through final exams. Peer tutoring is offered in either one-on-one or in a small group tutorial setting.

Peer tutors are Georgia Tech students who have been recommended (often by our GT faculty), selected, trained, and designated to offer educational services to their peers (student-athletes). All new tutors are certified through the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA). Tutoring Certification requires all new tutors to satisfy the following:

Requesting Tutoring:
All student-athletes must fill out a tutor request form for any course they wish to receive peer tutoring. The request form can be completed below or with their Academic Coordinator or Assistant Director. Sessions are scheduled after the first week of classes and continue through the final exams. Tutorial assignments are arranged on an appointment basis and will be conducted in the Hearn Academic Center’s tutorial facilities or in our designated study hall areas. Once a tutor is requested, the student-athlete should check his/her Institute email account regularly. Tutor sessions will not be conducted outside of the Hearn Academic Center premises.

If a tutor fails to maintain the following level of responsibility please report your concerns to our Tutor Coordinator, the Associate AD of SAASS, or our Compliance staff.


Become a Peer Tutor

Thank you for your interest in tutoring with the Georgia Tech Athletics Association. The tutor program is the core of our academic support unit and qualified tutors are integral to the success of this program.  The goal of academic tutoring is to help facilitate learning and enhance the course material; it is not to guarantee athletic eligibility. Our focus is on the “student” in student-athlete.  Peer tutors are students who have been selected, trained, and designated to offer educational services to student-athletes.  Tutorial services are intentionally designed to assist student-athletes toward attainment of their defined educational goals.  These services are not meant to take the place of student-athlete class attendance or serve as substitute professors.

In the Hearn Academic Center, peer tutors lead course-based tutorial sessions, either one-on-one or in small groups.  Please know that we are seeking individuals with strong communication skills and those with an ability to relate to students with diverse academic backgrounds. As we are guided by the codes of academic conduct and integrity set forth by the ACC, the NCAA, and Georgia Tech, this responsibility is one that should be taken seriously.  Tutor-student placements will be made based upon the students’ subject requests and their daily availability.  You will be scheduled up to a maximum number of hours per week as you’re willing to work. The ability to work with the same individual or group weekly throughout the semester provides both you and the students assigned a level of consistency, as well as the opportunity to establish and maintain rapport.

Tutorial Hours of Operation:

Tutoring Schedule 
Monday - Thursday8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Sunday3:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Tutors Needed in the following subjects (but not limited to just these classes)

Courses: ACCT 2101, 2102; BIOL 1510, 1520, 2335; CHBE 2100; CHEM 1211, 1212, 1310, 1315, 2311, 2312; COE 2001; EAS 1600, 1601, 2600; ECON 2105, 2106; HIST 2111, 2112; ISYE 2027, 2028, 3770; LS 0398; MATH 1113, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1553, 1554, 1711, 1712, 2551, 2552, 2603; MGT 2200, 2106, 2250, 2251, 3062, 3076, 3501, 3660; PHYS 2211, 2212; PSYC 1101; SPAN 1001

Still Interested?
Qualifications Required

  1. You have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  2. Undergraduate tutors need to have passed a minimum of 30 college credit hours (exceptions may be granted) at Georgia Tech.
  3. Must have earned a `B’ or better in the course you wish to tutor.

If you meet the qualifications above, please complete the application below or by downloading the form and submitting to Sunsea Williams, assistant director of academic services, at In addition to your application, please also submit a copy of your resume and a recommendation for employment (see below).  For non-GT students/alumni, please also submit an unofficial transcript with your resume & recommendation. If you are unable to obtain a reference from a professor, TA, or current/former tutor, please have someone who knows you well other than a parent submit a recommendation on your behalf.  As a note, if you wish to tutor multiple subjects, your recommendation preferably should come from the primary course/subject area you wish to be considered.

After a review of your application and supporting documents, you will receive notification as to whether you have been selected for an interview.  If you have any further questions after completing the application, please do not hesitate to contact Sunsea Williams, assistant director of academic services, at*Please note that applications are accepted year round.

Tutor Application

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