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Post-Game Quotes

March 14, 2013

Georgia Tech Coach Brian Gregory and F Marcus Georges-Hunt


Coach Gregory Opening Remarks


Give Boston College a lot of credit. They’re a team that in our league in the 18 games have played nine close games, one or two possession games, 3 points or less and they won three of them out of the nine so won total of seven games in the league and the record could be different.


Both teams rely on freshmen not just to help the team but in sometimes carry it. Today their freshmen was probably the freshmen of the year in the league and well deserving of that and he played extremely well.


I think they’re a team over the last four or fi ve weeks has played as well as maybe just about anybody in the league and so we just didn’t play well in the last 24, 25 minutes of the game which is unfortunate. Something we got to keep growing from and learning from because that’s been a challenge for us is to be able to compete at the level in this league for forty minutes. Wehave made strides, but obviously we’re not there yet and we did a lot of good things this year. The next step from going to being competitive and good to the the next step is a hard one. We have a lot of work to do.


Q. Brian, BC did a good job of moving the ball, having you chase the ball and that got Olivier Hanlan going by getting that open shot.


COACH GREGORY: Well, you know, we had done a really good job on him, that steal he fgot on the outlet and the

“and one” got him going a little bit and we lost him a coupleof times. One of the things they make you do is they make you concentrate and focus defensively the entire possession.


We can’t relax, you can’t lose sight of your man you can’t get too deep in your help and we did that a couple of

times. They didn’t shoot the ball well, I thought our defense inthe fi rst twelve minutes was as good as it’s been all year long and unfortunately one of the challenges we have is the ability to maintain and sustain that effort.


I thought we got away a little bit from what we needed to do when we got that lead, and I think young players have a

tendency when you get a lead like that to think that everything isgoing to be easy.


We took some quick shots, questionable shots, we had some questionable possessions, which led to some easy baskets for them. And when you’re playing in an elimination game those things come back to get and you that’s what happened this afternoon.


Q. Coach, as you look at this particular contest, the way that it started out and the way that it finished, what are some positives you take out of this game that will help you, should there be postseason for you?


COACH GREGORY: Well, again, I always the biggest thing right now and where we are in the program is the effort and the energy that you’re given. Are you making progress in some other tangible areas? We had 24 offensive rebounds, you know, so, again, we had guys that were playing with dead feet. That number ticks me off because that’s the highest number we had all year on the offensive glass and we should be a good offensive rebounding team. We’re not consistent in that, today all of thesudden we had guys that were challenged a little bit to get to the

glass and Marcus did a great job with seven offensive rebounds, I said he could be one of the best offensive rebounders in the league from that perimeter spot.


So that is a scenario that hopefully down the road we will be known more and we showed we can do that today so

for me out of everything that’s the brightest spot. I like the waywe came out and our focus early but unfortunately one of our Achilles heel’s this entire year and sometimes it happens when you have younger guys or older guys that vent had a lot of success is the ability to maintain the focus and the level of concentration and the competitiveness that you need to be successful.


Q. Brian, you made your first three three’s, and Robert Carter took one and Solomon Poole, Junior took one and you’re back in the game. Is that what you mean?


COACH GREGORY: I thought the shots Robert took were within the offensive fl ow and he’s done a good job and

that’s one of the things we have taken advantage of on some teams is being able to stretch with Robert.


The one by Solomon Poole was an atrocious shot and he’s too young to understand that yet, and he will. Our guys

know that they have the freedom to be aggressive and make shots, Marcus took six three pointers, I thought every single one of them was good. There is a time and a flow of the offense that you need to understand and I think after that first half went buy it wasn’t always the three, it was sometimes shots inside the three. We, at times, lack a great moxie of understanding what is needed at that particular time. We got to get better at that.


Q. Marcus, do you feel like you guys started pressing in the second half offensively and felt like you had to keep up with momentum and that took you out of your game? Seems like the offensive rhythm wasn’t there and you guys couldn’t get cleanshots.


Marcus Georges-Hunt: I felt that, yeah, we tried to keep up with them, a lot of rushed shots, couldn’t crash the

boards and they were running.


I feel like, you know, we tried to play to their potential and keep up running with them and I think that’s where we, you

know, bumped heads.


Q. You talked about wanting the team to be more aggressive on the offensive end and it seemed like in the

beginning of the game some of the guys like Chris and Mfon were aggressive going to the hole and that got you started.


COACH GREGORY: Well, yeah, aggressive in that they’re going to rally, and we were able to kick the ball out, got a

couple of baskets inside off that as well.


That goes with the last question. That’s when you need that steady influence on the offensive end, so you don’t panic and so forth. That has to be done on the court a lot of times. It can become again, it can come from different positions and different guys. It comes from a freshmen from Boston College in Rahon. Those guys are in their stuff every single time against pressure, no pressure, whatever the case might be.


He’s a good enough player to make open shots and do different things, not an imposing kid. He’s in control and

everybody knows that out there, and give him credit as a freshman to be able to do that. As we take another step, we need to guys are going to have to step up into that role.


Q. Marcus, your Coach was talk about what happened after it got to 15-0 and I’m curious what it felt like on the court, focus, intensity, those things?


Marcus Georges-Hunt: Felt like the game is not over, we need to keep doing what we were doing, talking defense, rebounding, running, but they started hitting shots. I guess, you know, we were losing it. We lost a little when we started to speed up our game and get out of our game.


Q. Tell me what it was like watching Olivier Hanlan make everything he was taking. Seemed like you guys were doing well defending him but he was making whatever he took.


Marcus Georges-Hunt: He’s a great player. On defense we were scrambling a lot and he had a lot of open shots and he knocked ‘em down. He’s a great player, he’s a great shooter, too.


I wasn’t surprised for him to hit the shot because I know what his potential I knew he could knock down open shots, we just needed to find him.


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