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Dr. Homer Rice, former Georgia Tech Athletics Director, originally conceived the Total Person concept on his belief that excellence is a result of a balanced life that encompasses academic excellence, athletic achievement, and personal well-being. Georgia Tech was involved in the development of the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills program due to the existence of the Total Person concept. Our program provides many opportunities for student-athletes to achieve their potential in all areas of their lives. Such opportunities include:

– Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAB) – This board is comprised of student-athlete representatives from each team to be the leaders and spokesmen for that team. SAAB provides an effective means by which student-athletes can evaluate programs and provide feedback for the services offered. For more information on SAAB, minutes from their monthly meeting, and a complete list of the 2013-2014 SAAB representatives, please visit

– Career Development and Placement – This portion of the Total Person Program helps the student-athlete determine their career interests as well as helping them develop resumes, prepare for job interviews, learn how to market themselves in the work force, and assist with internship opportunities and potential full time employment upon completion of their degree. The GTAA has partnered with Center for Career Discovery and Development, sharing a resource to better service the student-athletes.

– A series of topics related to personal health and well-being are presented to student-athletes throughout the course of the year. Topics each year might include, but are not limited to:

– Stress/Time management

– Financial planning/Wealth management

– Sexual assault and violence prevention and awareness

– Drug/Alcohol Use as it relates to health and athletic performance

– Etiquette Training – business, classroom, dining, etc.

– Sports Nutrition/Dietary Supplements

– Community Outreach – Led by SAAB members, Georgia Tech student-athletes are involved in various community outreach projects each year. Despite their busy academic and athletic schedules, student-athletes realize the importance of being involved in their community by being role models/mentors for aspiring young students/student-athletes, lending a hand in various community events, and representing Georgia Tech Athletics in campus-wide community outreach projects.




If an organization would like to request the attendance of the Georgia Tech Athletic Association at an outreach program, please fill out the following questionnaire. In order to process the promotional activity waiver request in a timely manner and not jeopardize a student-athlete’s eligibility status, Georgia Tech reserves the right to deny any and all requests not submitted a month prior to the activity date. All requests will not be accepted until it clears all NCAA regulation, including NCAA Bylaws 12.5.51 and

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