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Head Coach Brent Key

Opening Comments

“Thanks to the Gasparilla Bowl and City of Tampa for the great hospitality. Experience itself, Joy of competing in the game and the third one we had to earn, which was the ability to raise the trophy at the end of the game.”

“Really a capsule of our entire season. Learning how to do things the right way. Play for four quarters and to go into every game expecting to win. They kept fighting and good things happened.”

“We’ve been up 14-0 in a game and it didn’t come out the way we wanted. I have heard many times not to waste a failure. Georgia Tech is a school that teaches you how to solve problems and push forward. We have to live in the moment and they did that. They kept playing and kept playing.”

Is this the start of something special for Georgia Tech?

“We challenge each other to come in every day and be the best version of ourselves individually and collectively as a team. We are going to enjoy the heck out of this tonight, but then we will be back in January and it is a new team and new comraderies in the locker room.”

On Making Adjustments After Being Down 14-0

“Bowl games are a lot like the first game of the season. There are a lot of unknowns after having three weeks to prepare. We made adjustments and the players trusted enough to make them.”

On Running the Ball the last 27 Offensive Plays of the Game

“We got into a possession where you start looking at possessions and time on the clock. You also look at timeouts. We had to eat the clock and Haynes did a great job looking at the clock and snapping it with one second.”

Ahmari Harvey, r-Sophomore, Defensive Back

Defense starting slow

“You will be found through adversity. You find out who the real man is when their back is against the wall, everything not going their way.”

Settling in, what did he see out there?

“You find out what kind of man you are when your back is against the wall. We kept pushing”

Reflecting on the season

“Losing at the beginning hurts. So I started to hate to lose before the game. Gotta to hate to lose during practice. You gotta hate to lose in school. Gotta hate to lose before Saturday. You can’t just hate to lose on Saturday. That’s how you lose. So we are seeing the team shift. We are mature. We all grew together.”

Jamal Haynes, r-Sophomore, Running Back

Reflect on Your First Season as a Running Back

“Making the position change wasn’t easy, but it became a lot easier as the season went along. The O-Line does a phenomenal job and work their tails off every game.”

On Passing 1,000 yards

“The transition was special, of course  you are always gonna have a little doubt about how it’s gonna go playing wise but at the end of the day, the coaches believed in me, he told me just put down my head and go to work. And that’s exactly what I did.”

Haynes King, r-Sophomore, Quarterback

On Coming Back from a deficit

“We’ve been here before, we are not going to press.”

Being down and being a leader

“It was pretty much everybody. We all came up in that huddle. And we looked at each other. We’d like we’ve been we’ve been here before. We’re not going to press, we will  stick to the game plan. trust each other. Everything else is gonna take care of itself. Just be in the moment.”

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