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Football Seat Selection

Login Instructions

Login to your GT ticket account at

  • Returning online customers should log in with their account number and previously set up password. Click “forgot password” if you need it reset.
  • First time online customers should click “Link Your Account” and enter their Account Number and PIN to set up an online account. Email if you need your PIN sent to you.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a laptop or desktop device as the most compatible browsers to access the seat selection tool.  The process is not available using smartphones.

A Video Tutorial of the seat selection process can be viewed below:


  • Each season ticket member who elects to retain their season tickets for the 2020 season will be provided an appointment time to view available seat locations via an interactive online seating map.
  • Appointment times set based on A-T Priority Points. Season ticket members with the highest A-T Points will select first, and appointment times will progress from there.
  • Appointment times and instructions on how to utilize the online seat selection site will be emailed to season ticket members who elect to participate.
  • Available seats will be blocked off in socially distanced clusters with each season ticket member selecting from a seat cluster that matches the quantity of tickets on their account. For example, a season ticket member with 4 season tickets will only be able to view seat clusters of 4 on the virtual seat selection map.  The season ticket member will select a block of 4 seats in their preferred location based on what is available when their selection appointment begins.  Any ticket members who wish to reduce the quantity of tickets on their account should do so prior to their appointment time by emailing  With the requirement for social distancing, the option to reduce seat quantity will not be available during the seat selection process.
  • Seat clusters of various quantities will be fairly distributed throughout the stadium.
  • Seating in premium areas (Club, Tech Terrace, Letterwinners Lounge) will only be visible on the seat selection map for ticket members who previously purchased in those areas. Premium seating members will have the option to select seats in their premium area or in general seating areas, based on availability at the time of their selection appointment.

  • Members wishing to select a seating cluster near friends with a different account should coordinate to select online at the same time. The appointment timeframe for two or more accounts selecting at the same time will be based on the account with the lowest number of A-T points. Those with higher A-T points do not need to contact the ticket office for a new appointment time – they simply need to wait until all accounts are able to view the seating map. Note that groups can select a seat cluster near, but not adjacent to, another account to ensure social distance protocols. Please note each season ticket member’s seat selection map will be customized to display only seating clusters that match the quantity of tickets on that member’s account.  For example, an account with 4 seats will only be able to see seat clusters of 4, and will not be able to view seat clusters of 6.  Communication between group members will be required to coordinate finding seat clusters in closer proximity to each other.

  • Prices will be displayed on the seating map as you select seats so you can make an informed decision on where to sit.   The total value of the tickets and TECH Fund for the seats you select will be presented to you at check out.
  • Once you have selected your seat, if you have a balance due at check out, you can elect to pay in full or spread payments out via a 3 installment interest free payment plan. If you select seats in a lower TECH Fund seating area than what you have paid and are owed a credit, you can elect to donate your credit to the A-T Fund’s Support the Swarm Fund, roll the credit over to 2021 or receive a full refund for the credit.
  • If you elect to participate in the relocation process, but the ticketing options presented to you during your appointment time are not to your satisfaction, you can forego selecting seats and will be able to gift any previous payments you’ve made to the A-T Fund’s Support the Swarm Fund, roll those payments into a credit for the 2021 season, or request a refund.
  • If you elect to participate in the relocation process, but ticket inventory is sold out before your appointment time arrives, you will be able to gift any previous payments you’ve made to the A-T Fund’s Support the Swarm Fund, roll those payments into a credit for the 2021 season, or request a refund.
  • Prior to selecting seats for the 2020 season, please review the ticketing disclaimers outlined at

Ticket Delivery
Tickets will be delivered to you electronically approximately 1 week prior to the first game. In order to provide a safe, contact-free entry experience at the stadium gates, as well as adjust to the shortened timelines for season ticket delivery, the GTAA will be utilizing contactless mobile ticketing for the 2020 football season.   This means that no tickets will be delivered via mail or in a print at home format.  Click Here for more details and a list of FAQs.   Season ticket members who ordered mail tickets will receive printed commemorative tickets as a keepsake.

Parking locations will be confirmed after the seat selection process has been completed. Some relocations may take place depending on the final season ticket count after the relocation process has concluded.

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