Alabama Postgame Quotes - Game 5

June 6, 2010

Opening Statement:

“I thought it was big for us to come out and get those four runs in the second inning. It was great to get a lead and hold on. A lot of credit has to go to Mercer. They pitched well and offensively we did not have a lot going for us. I thought when [Tucker] Hawley came in, he was the key. He held the lead and gave us some really good innings until [Jake] Smith came in to close it for us in the end. The big thing today was find a way to win the game and give ourselves a chance for tonight and that was what we were able to do.”

On team’s mentality:
“The one thing I felt about the character of this team is that they would come out and play today and play well. I thought they would put us in a position to play in tonight’s game. I am just awfully proud of this group, not just for today, but for the last three weeks. I think we will come out tonight and we will play really hard and be in this same position.”

On making trip to mound prior to Jacob Tanis’ at-bat in final inning:
“I wanted Jake [Smith] to be aware who he was pitching against. I know we went through it on the scouting report 10 times but I wanted to make sure he knew who was up there. I basically told him that we need to make some quality pitchers. I was O.K. if we walked him there but we got him to pop the ball up and win the game.”

On what he has improved on throughout the season:

“When I was starting off, I was throwing more than pitching. I started to get a feel for the game; it started slowed down and I just started to get in to a rhythm.”

On today’s performance:
“I came out and just tried to execute on the pitchers that were called. I worked down on the knees and tried to work ahead of the count as best as possible.”


Alabama Postgame Quotes – Game 5
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Alabama Postgame Quotes – Game 5
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