Spring Practice #8: 10 Questions With Demaryius Thomas

April 4, 2009

Written/Compiled by Kelli Stancil

Junior wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is focused and ready for the 2009 football season. Thomas, Tech’s best wide receiver since Calvin Johnson, emerged last season as one of the top receivers in the ACC. We recently caught up with “Bay-bay” for a Q&A:

Q: What team are you most anticipating playing in the upcoming season?

A: Virginia Tech. I have never played against them (Thomas was injured and sat out of last season’s game in Blacksburg), and they have won the ACC two straight years. I’m a competitor and I like to play against the best.

Q: Many of your receptions last season went for big yardage. How exactly does that happen?

A: A lot of teams focus on trying to stop the run, and they often forget about the passing game. Many teams play in the box, but at Georgia Tech we run play actions, and I am usually open.

Q: How are you helping some of the younger wide receivers?

A: I encourage them to continue to work hard even when we have days off. I also make sure that the younger guys watch a lot of film. I continue to encourage them to keep a positive attitude. Even with a running offense, they will get a chance.

Q: How is spring practice going this year compared to last year?

A: This year spring practice is fun because I actually know what I am doing. I did not know the offense last year, but I certainly do now.

Q: What are you focusing on improving?

A: I am working on getting faster, and becoming a better blocker.

Q: What do you like to do before the game to get in the right frame of mind?

A: I like to listen to music and pray.

Q: After three years in your major of Business Management, what course have you found most interesting?

A: Information Technology. I really like the work in that field.

Q: I know that you like to sing. Who is your favorite musician? Is there anyone else on the team that can match your singing ability?

A: Anthony Hamilton is my favorite singer. Morgan Burnett and Brad (Jefferson) can sing too!

Q: What are some of your sources of inspiration to excel on the field?

A: God and prayer. I also think about the people that look up to me and find inspiration within my success.

Q: I know that you love Little Debbie snacks. Which is your favorite?

A: Carmel Bars used to be my favorite, but since I am trying to be healthy, I enjoy Oats and Honey Granola Bars.


Spring Practice #8: 10 Questions With Demaryius Thomas
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Spring Practice #8: 10 Questions With Demaryius Thomas
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