Post-Game Quotes

May 19, 2001

NC State head coach Elliott Avent:
“Wow. I don’t know. I’m running out of things to say about these guys. I have said it all this week. It has been a year of trials and tribulation with injuries and setbacks. These kids just keep fighting. I can’t say enough about them. To come back on a Georgia Tech team down 4-1 in the eighth, I don’t know what to say.”

On the Play at First Base in the bottom of the eighth:
“From my angle, he was definitely off the bag without question. I can understand Danny’s concern because it is such a routine play, but from my angle he was definitely off the bag. The umpires have been great in this tournament. A lot of guys would have assumed it was such an easy out. I think he got the call right.”

Georgia Tech Head Coach Danny Hall:
“It was obviously a controversial play. I’m not allowed to comment on the call. My pitcher told me he stepped on it. I thought he stepped on it. Brian Prince thought he stepped on it. Jason Perry thought he stepped on it. Those are the breaks of the game.”

“Even above that play we left too many guys on. We had a lot of chances to break the game open. That is really the story, the story is not that call. We couldn’t get the hit to break the game open.”

“There is nothing left to do but regroup. We’ll take a day off and rest and see where we are going on Monday. We’ve got to go to work on getting better by next Friday.”


Post-Game Quotes
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