Countdown To Opening Day (9 Days): Brandon Thomas

Feb. 8, 2012

The Georgia Tech baseball team begins the 2012 season Friday, Feb. 17 when it opens play in the Rock Hill Coca-Cola Classic at Winthrop. Stay tuned to and meet all 33 Yellow Jackets with the “Countdown to Opening Day” series.

Brandon Thomas
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OF | S-R | 6-3 | 205 | Junior | Atlanta, Ga. (Pace Academy) List three words that describe you…
Brandon Thomas: Dedicated, hardworking, confident

RW: Name one thing that fans don’t know about you…
BT: I have 28 first cousins

RW: Why did you choose Georgia Tech?
BT: Baseball tradition and academics

RW: If you could bring one thing from your hometown, what would it be?
BT: Atlanta is my hometown, I brought everything

RW: What is the best piece of advice that a coach gave you?
BT: Stop thinking and let my ability take over (Davey Johnson)

RW: What player, if any, do you pattern your game after?
BT: Jacoby Ellsbury and Steve Finley

RW: What would be your ultimate sports center highlight…
BT: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets dogpiling in Omaha 2012

RW: What is your dream job?
BT: The big leagues

RW: Do you have any game or practice superstitions?
BT: I like chewing gum when I hit

RW: Name the most interesting place you’ve visited…
BT: Aruba

RW: Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?
BT: Charlie Sheen

RW: Biggest accomplishments…
BT: Being named top prospect in FCSC and top prospect in CCBL

RW: Interests outside of baseball…
BT: Playing the guitar

RW: What is your favorite Georgia Tech tradition?
BT: Sweet Caroline at baseball games

RW: What is the reason behind your uniform number?
BT: Walt chose it for me

RW: What’s your nickname? Reasoning behind it?
BT: Brandon (middle name), BT, B, B-Thom


Countdown To Opening Day (9 Days): Brandon Thomas
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Countdown To Opening Day (9 Days): Brandon Thomas
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