Camina Por La Ciudad

May 31, 2011

There are really just three words to describe the last seven days: what a week!

Tuesday we spent all day running around the city looking at Mexico’s three famous muralists: Rivera, Orozco, and Siqueiros. Each muralist had one building that was really dedicated to them, but had some other art sprinkled in, and it was so cool to see how each of them represented Mexico’s story and their thoughts on the future.

Not only that, but we got to go into the National Palace where we met secret service agents and saw the what is the Mexican equivalent to the oval office. It was really incredible. The only bummer is that we weren’t allowed to take pictures. However, I will not be forgetting this tour for quite some time. It was as elaborate as el Castillo Chapultepec, but we actually go to go into the rooms rather then look from a distance. Plus, we were the first LBAT group to see this exhibit, because they started opening it to the public in September 2010.

We also got to go the Grupo Bimbo factory to learn about the company and see the manufacturing warehouse. Bimbo is one of the biggest bakeries in the world and has plants in 18 different countries, including the United States. It is sold under Thomas, Entenmann’s and more. I think my favorite part of the tour though was the sample straight off of the line. It was probably the best donut I have ever eaten.

We also went on our own for two little excursions: one through the city to the World Fair going on around Chapultepec and the other to Xochimilco. The World Fair was really cool to just walk around and see all of the booths. It reminded me a lot of Epcot in Disney World. Xochimilco, however, was quite and experience. We rented a boat for all of us to go on short tour on the river and walked around the town until we found a place to eat. We also devoured the freshest pineapple juice I have ever tasted.

This week also happened to be my birthday and Julia (my running partner) made me a cake and brought it to class. It was so delicious and a really fun way to spend my birthday; the 17 students are having a really great time with one another.

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Glenn Travis Wagner
Men’s Swimming and Diving, 2011


Camina Por La Ciudad
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