Atlanta Regional Game 5 Quotes

May 17, 2009

Head Coach Tina Deese

On the two homeruns in the first inning:
“I never would have thought they would have had those three runs in the first inning. It’s just one of those things that is tough to come back from obviously. Giving runs up like that, we obviously got a good start, getting that strikeout for the first out, but then we knew that athlete in the number two spot was going to be strong. She had a few homeruns; I think she had ten on the year. We knew she was going to be strong. She hadn’t shown it, but she showed it today. It was tough, she turned on one. I won’t say we were dead then, but we know how we struggled for runs and stuff like that.”

On Jenee Loree’s strong relief appearance:
“I think Jenee coming in was a real bright spot for us. She came in throwing strikes; she threw lights out and held on for us that last inning. I chose to call an “up-down” pitch on that 3-2 count with the girl on, so you kind of start second guessing yourself there. That last pitch that the athlete got, she just stuck her bat out. It was actually a good pitch. She just stuck that composite bat out there and drove it the opposite direction. I was very pleased with Jenee’s poise and the way she moved the ball around.”

#16 Elizabeth Eisterhold, C
On how Auburn just did not seem to have the big break they needed:
“We had some good hits. We had shots right to people playing defense. Amber had a good shot to first base; Tara had a good shot to second. If those would have fallen, that would have changed the path of the game by a lot.”


Atlanta Regional Game 5 Quotes
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