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July 11, 2001

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Georgia Tech quarterback George Godsey spent some time with to take part in a Q&A interview Below is the audio of Godsey’s interview as well as the questions that were answered during the Q&A. would like to thank George for answering the questions and the ACC football fans for submitting them. Q&A
George Godsey’s Answers

Fred – Fayetteville, Ga.
How would you rate this year’s team to the other 4 bowl teams you have been on and what are the team’s goals for the upcoming season?

Kevin – Atlanta,Ga.
How is working with Bill O’Brien, the new offensive coordinator, different than working with Ralph Friedgen?

Gloria – Tampa, Fla.
With a veteran offensive line this year, do you see yourself scrambling more or will you stay more in the pocket like last year?

Barney – Tampa, Fla.
Do you feel that your ability to read defenses will help you cut down on your interceptions from last year? Also, how is the knee?

Thomas – Norcross, Ga.
What aspect of your game or performance would you most like to improve upon?

Robert – Charlotte, N.C.
First of all, congrats on a stellar year in 2000. What do you initially see as being the biggest challenge in 2001 of the offense repeating its production from the previous two years?

David – Gainesville, Ga.
Official fall practice will be stating soon. What are some of your personal goals for the upcoming 2001 season? We’ve had you in our thoughts and prayers during your rehab. GO JACKETS!!

Robert – Atlanta, Ga.
How much film do you watch of an opposing team prior to playing them? Which coaches watch with you?

Justin – Conyers, Ga.
This upcoming year’s team is being called the best since the national championship team in ’90. How are you and your teammates reacting to this or do you just ignore it and talk on the field?

Bob – Marietta, Ga.
What do you think was your biggest change from your sophomore to junior year that made it the success it was?

Brian – Washington, D.C.
Describe what it is like to play against FSU’s defense.

Mary – Woodstock, Ga.
How do you compare your veteran receivers against others in the ACC and tell us about any upcoming receivers we need to watch for in the future.

Deric – Kennesaw, Ga.
How do you get mentally and emotionally ready to face all the media attention that you get with all the questions and interviews? You always seem so clam and relaxed.

Michael – Augusta, Ga.
What one win in your career at GT ranks as the best ever and why?


Listen To Audio From George Godsey’s Q&A On
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