Know The Coach...

June 8, 2009

This summer, each Georgia Tech head coach will be featured in a new series — “Know The Coach.” Each week, a different head coach will be profiled where you can get to know them outside the competition field. Up first is swimming and diving head coach Courtney Hart.

Week one features new swimming head coach Courtney Hart. Hart, who had been an assistant for two years, was named the new head coach on April 30. Check out what Courtney had to say including her favorite movie and place to visit in week one.

Know The Coach…Courtney Hart

Born: December 12, 1977, in Columbia, S.C.
Status: Married to Justin Hart
Alma Mater: UGA
What’s on TV: HGTV/TLC
What’s in my iPod: All different kinds of music!
What I drive: Navy Honda CRV
What I’m reading: Magazines
On my office walls: World and American record certificates
First job: Summer league swim coach
Talent I’d like to have: Being able to play tennis
Favorite meal: Steak and potatoes
Favorite athletes to watch in other sports: College football players
One coaching peer I truly respect: Jack Bauerle
Favorite city to visit: Rome, Italy
Favorite team as a kid: Atlanta Braves
Favorite values in others: Trustworthiness and Compassion
Favorite attribute about myself: Competitive
My dream date would be with: My husband on a Caribbean Island
My heroes: My mom and dad
My motto: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!
The thing I enjoy most about game day is: The excitement and adrenaline
I have a sweet tooth for: All desserts
I’ve cried while watching: “The Notebook”
The celebrity I’d love to hang with for a night is: Will Ferrell
The celebrity some people say I look like is: Cynthia Nixon
The most famous person I’ve met: Bill Clinton

Getting To Know Your Coach
Week 1 (June 8):Swimming & Diving head coach Courtney Hart


Know The Coach…
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Know The Coach…
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