Holding Court

March 25, 2015

THE FLATS – Half of one of the nation’s top-ranked doubles pairs, senior and Spaniard Eduardo Segura has emerged as one of Tech’s tennis solo stars.

You’re having an excellent year in both single and doubles play. What’s the secret to your success?
I think the main thing for me has been recognizing my weaknesses, accepting them and being able to use my strengths the best I can. Focusing on myself–and not on the opponent–has also been key. I know that if I do what I know I can do, I can compete and be successful against any player in the nation.

What’s the biggest difference between life in Madrid and in Atlanta?
Of course, not having your family and closest friends with you changes things a bit, but I am grateful for the amazing people I have gotten to know throughout my years at Tech. I consider them my second family. I also have to say that everything in the U.S. is on a larger scale compared to Europe: Food, distances, cars and living spaces.

Your grandparents were both pro tennis players. What has it been like to follow in their footsteps?
It has been a blessing to have grandparents that share the same passion as me. They both have helped me a lot since the very beginning. They understand what it takes to be successful on the tennis court and I think they have poured that on me extremely well. My whole family has always been extremely supportive; they’ve had my back in the tough moments. I would not be where I am today without them, that is a fact.

What do you aspire to do after you “get out” of Tech?
My goal is to be a part of a big sport multinational company and work alongside athletes. Sports are my passion and working for something I love would be a dream come true.

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Holding Court
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