Five Minutes with Guillermo Gomez

April 29, 2010

Nickname: G
Favorite campus you have been to other than Georgia Tech: Duke
Tennis facility I want to play in but never have: Stanford
Funniest player on the team is: Dusan Miljevic
Most serious player on the team is: Magin Ortiga
One word to describe Coach Thorne: Best
Favorite thing Coach Thorne says: “Let’s win this”
My goal for this season is: win team NCAA, be #1, win NCAA singles
Favorite moment of my tennis career: winning the qualifying match in regionals in 4 hours with my teammates there
Person who has the most influence on my game: Coach Thorne
If I could change on thing about the game of tennis, it would be: Hawkeye in college tennis
Best player I’ve played with: Rafael Nadal
Favorite athlete in another sport: Zinedine Zidane
Favorite non-sports person: Vincent Chase (Entourage)
Favorite sports team: Real Madrid
Favorite sport besides tennis: Soccer
Favorite tennis player: Rafael Nadal
Favorite sports broadcaster: ESPN
Favorite thing to eat before a match: salad and pasta
My pre-match superstition or habit: eat the same thing I ate last time I won, listen to the same song
Favorite cereal: Cheerios
Favorite late-night snack: Chocolate milk
Favorite place to eat in Atlanta: Fogo de Chao
Favorite video game: Day of Defeat
Favorite movie: Taken
Favorite sports movie: Invincible
Favorite TV program: Wipeout
Favorite musical artist: D.J. Tiesto
Favorite toy as a child: Ricochet
Favorite song to sing in the shower: “Una Foto en Blanco y Negro”
Favorite place in the U.S. (or the world) you have been: Miami
Dream vacation: Tipicel…lost island of the movies
First job I ever had: tennis teacher
The thing I like best about Georgia Tech is: the Campus Recreation Center
My “welcome to college” moment: getting into the room and realizing that my bag was a girl’s bag
First thing I would do with a million dollars: give it to my parents
One thing I couldn’t live without: music
One thing people don’t know about me: I like to dj
One thing I wish I was better at: singing


Five Minutes with Guillermo Gomez
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Five Minutes with Guillermo Gomez
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