Catch Bill Curry Friday at Angel Flight Sports Zone

Feb. 15, 2016

Don’t miss this special evening with legendary coach and two-time Super Bowl champion Bill Curry, who will be the featured speaker Friday at the Angel Flight Sports Zone.

Friday’s event will feature sports games, fun, food and Coach Curry’s inspirational presentation. The event will be held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Villa Chrisina in Atlanta. Tickets are $150 and registration is available online.

Angel Flight Soars is a 501(c)(3) public benefit humanitarian aviation group serving Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The mission of Angel Flight is to remove the obstacle of transportation for individuals with medical or financial need by arranging free air transportation to medical treatment not available to them locally. Angel Flight serves the community by flying patients to distant medical facilities, delivering supplies to disaster areas and reuniting families during desperate times. We know that illness isn’t stopped by boundaries and we believe that cures shouldn’t be either. Whether those boundaries are geographic or financial, Angel Flight is here to be a silver lining for families in need.

Angel Flight’s service is available to any individual, medical agency or health care organization for medically stable and ambulatory patients traveling from, to or through the states of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina. It is also available across most of the United States through our coordination with other volunteer pilot organizations in the national Air Care Alliance.


Catch Bill Curry Friday at Angel Flight Sports Zone
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Catch Bill Curry Friday at Angel Flight Sports Zone
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