Calling All Bowl Travel Plans Stories

Dec. 9, 2010

By Matt Winkeljohn

Sting Daily

I’m impressed by what I’ve read and heard regarding Georgia Tech’s pre-sale of tickets to the Indepedence Bowl, and hoping for more of the same.

A couple thousand $14 tickets were sold in the first day-plus after Sunday’s announcement that the Yellow Jackets will be playing Air Force Dec., 27 in Shreveport, La., and I’m going to write about some of the fans who will make the trip. I wrote the other day about the, “Conyers Mafia,” and I will eventually write in more detail about that group for the AJC. I believe that story will appear Dec. 21 in the paper.

I was even more impressed a few minutes ago after reading the Tech message board – “The Hive” – to see response to athletics director Dan Radakovich’s plea that Tech represent at the bowl game.

For the most part, fans on that particular message thread were saying that they were not only proud to buy the tickets, but that they’re planning to make the trip and to bring others along rather than buying them to offer financial support and then eating the tickets.

Radakovich has pointed out that beyond the obvious value of having an on-site support system in Shreveport for the team, that the impression that the Tech fan base leaves behind may serve the Institute and the ACC well in the future. We’ve all read and heard the phrase, “they travel well,” applied to fan bases.

Here’s a chance for Tech to prove that in spite of its relatively smallish size as a fan contingent relative to some other schools that Jackets fans are gamers, too.

Let me hear your plans.

How big will your travel party be, and how will you be traveling? How long are you staying? What will you do other than watch the game?

Is this a ritual, meaning do you and yours go to all Tech games, or just select games based on geography, your life schedule, your wallet at the time?

If you can send jpg photos of your group, or RV, or both, maybe we can find a way to crop some of them – or all of them? – and put them in future Sting Daily editions. You probably know the address. If you don’t, here it is:


Calling All Bowl Travel Plans Stories
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Calling All Bowl Travel Plans Stories
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