The Final Countdown: Buzz vs. Wolfie

Dec. 6, 2011


Vote for Buzz – Capital One Website

Vote for Buzz – Facebook

Text BUZZ to 78527 to vote

Alright everyone, the time is here. This is what all of the Georgia Tech fans have been waiting for; Buzz has earned his spot in the Capital One Mascot Challenge finals!

After a 12 week regular season that saw Buzz go 12-0 and two huge playoff victories where he downed Brutus of Ohio State in week one and Wilbur of Arizona in week two, Buzz has made it to the finals where he will face off with Wolfie, Jr. of the University of Nevada.

Buzz and Wolfie each earned their spots in the finals going undefeated during the first 14 weeks of the tournament.

All those Tech fans out there need to step it up big time during this week and keep those votes coming in. Buzz had it easy during the playoffs after earning the No. 1 seed, but Wolfie has turned it up a notch this playoff race and last week, Nevada fans churned out a ridiculous 5,120,202 votes for the Nevada mascot.

Remember everyone this is the Championship round which runs from December 5, at 12 p.m. to December 12 at 11:59 a.m. The winning mascot will be announced during the 2012 Capital One Bowl on January 2, 2012 between Nebraska and South Carolina, and will be named The 2011 Capital One National Mascot of the Year!

We all know that Tech fans have it in them, but without an indicator of how Buzz is doing this week, we have to keep those votes coming day in and day out!

You can cast an UNLIMITED number of votes over the course of this week three different ways.

First you can vote for Buzz via the Capital One website.

For all those Facebook fans out there you can also vote for Buzz on the Capital One Bowl’s Facebook page.

Lastly, don’t forget to text in your votes by texting “BUZZ” to 78527

For all of those people with smart phones out there, it is very easy to go to the mobile page, just click and submit!

The Georgia Tech Athletic Association and especially Buzz thanks you for all of your hard work this season to get our loving mascot into the finals! And remember … Go Jackets!


The Final Countdown: Buzz vs. Wolfie
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The Final Countdown: Buzz vs. Wolfie
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