Buzz vs. Big Red

Oct. 16, 2011


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After the week six victory over Aubie, Buzz was one of just two remaining unbeaten mascots alongside Nevada’s Wolfie, Jr. This week, Buzz netted another easy victory in week seven when he took on Benny the Beaver of Oregon State.

Though Buzz will get the W in week seven, the voting is close between Wolfie and his competition, The Duck from Oregon. We will have to wait until Noon on Monday to see if Buzz is the only unbeaten mascot in the competition after week seven.

Last week’s win over Benny was simple and easy for the Jackets who still came out strong netting over 350,000 votes in favor of Buzz to Benny’s 29,000.

In week seven, Buzz will be taking on The Blob, excuse me, Big Red of Western Kentucky, a formidable opponent but also one that has netted just 133,809 votes per week and currently sits at 1-6 after falling to Aubie 285,000-10,000 in the featured match up of the week. Buzz will remain first in the competition with a 7-0 record and a vote total of nearly 2,765,000.

“I still can’t believe how well these Georgia Tech fans are voting for me each week,” said Buzz. “I knew that they are truly dedicated to this school but this just proves how much so. Benny the Beaver didn’t have a chance.”

The Tech fans need to come out in big numbers again this week to keep Buzz undefeated. As we all know, every week counts.

Now why you shouldn’t be voting for Big Red:
• Can I ask… What the heck is Big Red? Is it a blob? Is it a hill? What is going on?
• If the Tech fans can put up more votes in a week, than the Western Kentucky fans can put up in seven, they really don’t deserve to win.
• 1-6 vs. 7-0…


Buzz vs. Big Red
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Buzz vs. Big Red
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