Pre-Participation Physical Process

On behalf of Georgia Tech Athletic Training & Sports Medicine Staff, welcome to the Georgia Tech Athletics family. Use the steps below to guide you through the process.


This packet contains information that will become part of your medical file and must be completed and returned to Georgia Tech as soon as possible. You will receive a physical examination administered by Georgia Tech Sports Medicine Department upon your arrival to campus.

The following policies are to educate you on the policies and protocols pertinent to your participation in athletics at Georgia Tech. You will be asked to sign or initial that you have read and understand each document. Policies include:


The following forms make up your medical file. Please click on the Incoming Student Athlete Physical Examination Packet. Print off the documents, complete and return the paperwork to

Georgia Tech Sports Medicine
ATTN: Beth Harness
150 Bobby Dodd Way NW
Atlanta, GA 30332

The Georgia Tech Sports Medicine Department reserves the right to withhold you from participation if any details regarding your medical history are NOT completed or are inaccurate.

NOTE: Please scan documents if possible, provided formatting of forms is not altered. Please DO NOT send pictures of forms.

The NEXTT Solutions is web-based software that allows us to securely access track, document and report data as it relates to your overall healthcare. To assist with managing your medical documentation, it is imperative that you follow the instructions below and complete the process.

  • Log into
  • Please select your organization: Georgia (which is actually the state)
  • Please select your organization (again): Georgia Tech
  • PASSCODE: 4AB8316B3C (case-sensitive)
  • Important Notes:
    • Allow 40 minutes to complete the testing
    • Internet Explorer preferred for optimal results
    • A mouse is required to complete the test
    • Do not print at end of test. Georgia Tech will print results prior to your arrival

To ensure a smooth transition and potentially avoid unwanted and unnecessary complications/delays, take care of the following, WHILE YOU ARE HOME.

Dental appointments
Schedule an appointment for needed dental cleanings, cavity fillings or to check the condition of your wisdom teeth.

Eye Exam and Contact Lenses
While you will receive a basic vision exam during your physical, if you currently wear contact lenses, it is highly recommended that bring extra supplies of contact lenses to campus.

Insurance Card(s)
Keep a copy of your insurance card(s) in your wallet. Should you have a doctor’s appointment or unexpected medical emergency, you will need your insurance card. Additionally, physicals cannot be completed without a copy of your insurance card for our records.

GTID Number and Social Security Number 
These numbers will serve as primary personal identifiers on campus and for medical provider’s offices.

  • SS#: While it is recommended that your social security number remain in a secure location, memorize the number as you may need it for secure forms or documentation.
  • GTID #: This number is unique to Georgia Tech. The number can be found on your BuzzCard, which you will receive when you arrive to campus. Your BuzzCard is


We are excited about your arrival to Georgia Tech. If you have any questions, please contact Carla Gilson at or call the Georgia Tech main line at 404-894-5460.