Student-athletes have access to sports dietitians who is exclusively for athletics. The below topics are commonly addressed:

Appropriate Weight Gain/Loss TechniquesPerformance & Competition Fueling
Body Composition MeasurementsNutritional Responses to Injury
Nutritional Recovery & Meal PlanningTimely Nutritional Discussions
Individual Hydration AssessmentsAccessible Nutritional Resources

A series of topics related to personal health and well-being are presented to student-athletes throughout the course of the year as well. Topics each year might include, but are not limited to:

Stress & Time Management
Financial Planning & Wealth Management
Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention
Effects of Drugs & Alcohol on Health & Athletic Performance
Etiquette Training

Mental Health

The Total Person Program offers several mental health initiatives to help student-athletes perform better, experience less stress, and cope with mental health issues. Athletics also offers a clinical & sports psychologist who can assist with needs relating to mental health, or sport & performance assessment.