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Buzzer Readers

Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball
Buzzer Readers Reading Program

The Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball team would like to invite your child to participate in their annual “Buzzer Readers” reading program. Buzzer Readers is an initiative to promote and encourage children to learn through reading.  All elementary and middle school students from schools in Metro Atlanta are eligible to participate.

A snapshot of the program is listed below:

  • A competitive reading program for elementary & middle school aged children in the Atlanta area.
  • Participation stems from Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Atlanta Public school systems.
  • Each school has a Program Coordinator that volunteers to implement the program at their school.
  • Students have one month to read as many pages as they can (a parent or teacher must sign off on all pages recorded.)
  • Program Coordinators then turn the final numbers in to Becca Bornhorst, who then calculates the winners in each division.

Eligible Participants:
Elementary and Middle Schools (Students and Classrooms from K – 8th grade) in Metro Atlanta. Buzzer Readers School Coordinator must register their school to be eligible for participation.  Once they are registered they will receive a Buzzer Readers Packet to distribute to students, parents and teachers.

-Each student will record the number of pages read daily from October 1 to October 31, 2022, with the parent or guardian initialing the reading sheet provided.  Pages read to the student by a parent or guardian may also be included.  Students can read books or newspapers (one full newspaper page counts as two reading program pages).  Please total the number of pages read on the reading sheet that will be provided.
-The name of the book, along with author, is requested to provide information to the teacher as to the types of books the children are reading at home.  Please ensure the books are geared to help the children learn and grow. Ebooks/Nooks are NOT to be counted. However, books coming from a source provided from the school (i.e. online library) are permitted.
– Students must return their reading sheets to the classroom teacher no later than November 1, 2022.


Students participating in the program are eligible for several prizes including a plaque, Georgia Tech bookmark and autographed memorabilia. In addition, the top classes with the most pages read will receive a visit from the Georgia Tech Women’s Basketball team in the Spring Semester, virtually (making sure we keep health and safety policies in place).  Prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

–              Highest School Total (Elementary and Middle School)
–              Highest Class Total from Each Grade
–              Highest Individual Total (Elementary and Middle School)
–              Highest Individual from Each Grade
–              All Participants (GT Bookmark)

To download the full Buzzer Readers program packet for parents:




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