Spring Practice #13: 10 Questions With Mario Butler

April 14, 2009

Written/compiled by Kelli Stancil

Mario Butler, a junior cornerback from Jacksonville, Fla., is a focused student-athlete with a strong work ethic on and off of the field. Butler had 41 tackles last season, 31 of which were solo. Butler is not only known for his speed and agility, but also for his outgoing personality. We recently sat down with Butler as spring practice comes to a close:

Q: What have you been working on the most during spring practice this year?

A: I have been working on becoming more physical, and being a complete and well-rounded cornerback.

Q: What advice do you give to the younger cornerbacks?

A: Keep your eyes in the right places on the field – that’s how you make plays.

Q: What is your source of motivation when you are on the field?

A: My family – I have a big family and we are all very close.

Q: In past seasons you have had some major plays defensively against several different teams. What team do you look forward to playing the most?

A: I am looking forward to Florida State and Miami since I’m from Florida. I am really just looking forward to playing (against) all of the receivers in the ACC – we have some really good talent in this league.

Q: Are there any professional athletes that you really admire?

A: Champ Bailey and Charles Woodson. They are both complete cornerbacks. They cover, tackle, and play tough man-to-man.

Q: Who has been your biggest competition on the team this spring?

A: All of our receivers are tough, but Demaryius Thomas has been tough competition for me because he is a big-body receiver and he is very athletic.

Q: All of your teammates say that you are really into cars. What is your favorite automobile?

A: I love cars. My favorite new release is the 2009 BMW 750i. That car has a lot of horsepower. I am really into old school cars. My favorite car of all-time is the 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

Q: What are your academic goals?

A: I am working really hard towards getting on the Dean’s List. I am also really looking forward to taking some advanced psychology classes.

Q: What has been your most memorable play at Georgia Tech?

A: My most memorable play would have to be the interception against Boston College last season. Turnovers were such a huge component to winning that game.

Q: How long have you been growing your dreads?

A: I have been growing my dreads since my sophomore year in high school.


Spring Practice #13: 10 Questions With Mario Butler
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Spring Practice #13: 10 Questions With Mario Butler
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