Playoffs! Yes, We Are Talking About Playoffs

Nov. 21, 2011


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Thanks to all of your support and voting, Buzz has earned the No. 1 seed entering the playoffs of the Capital One Mascot Challenge.

“We’ve been buzzing around the competition throughout the entire season and I’m glad they’ve secured us a first place seed in the finals,” said “Buzz” of Georgia Tech, through a mascot interpreter. “To all other mascot competitors, I just want to say, `look out!’ because nobody likes to be stung by a Yellow Jacket.”

The 10th annual Capital One Mascot Challenge saw more than 17 million votes cast during the regular season, but it’s the final rounds of competition that will determine the winner, which will be announced at the Capital One Bowl on January 2, 2012.

Buzz earned 3,278,283 of those votes during the 12 week regular season and for his efforts was rewarded the No. 1 seed in the playoffs where he will rematch No. 8 ranked Brutus of Ohio State as he heads into the three-week, single-elimination playoff portion of the national competition. So keep those votes coming!

Brutus went 7-5 on the season garnering just 445,679 votes over 12 week competition. He and Buzz went up against each other in week four, a battle that saw Buzz come out the victor by a score of 149,059-38-650.

The other matchups set for week one of the playoffs include:

• Wolfie, Jr. (Nevada) vs. The Duck (Oregon)
• Aubie (Auburn) vs. Sparty (Michigan State) and
• Defending champ Big Blue (Old Dominion) vs. Wilbur (Arizona)

“With over 17 million votes cast during the regular season, we are amazed at the support and turn-out for the 10th annual Capital One Mascot Challenge,” said Marc Mentry, Senior Vice President of Advertising and Sponsorships at Capital One. “The competition always gets exciting during the playoffs and this year should be no different. We have eight spirited and energetic mascots supported by thousands of enthusiastic fans. We hope everyone will tune-in to the Capital One Bowl to celebrate the winner with us.”

Fans can tune-in to the Capital One Bowl broadcast at 1:00 p.m. EST on ESPN on January 2, 2012 to learn which mascot prevails to be named the Capital One National Mascot of the Year and earn $20,000 toward its collegiate mascot program, provided by Capital One.

The 2011 national mascot champion will join an elite group of mascots that have held the title over the past 10 years of the program. Past winners include: “Monty” of University of Montana (2002, 2004), “Cocky” of University of South Carolina (2003), “Herbie Husker” of University of Nebraska (2005), “Butch T. Cougar” of Washington State University (2006), “Zippy” of University of Akron (2007), “Cy” of Iowa State University (2008), “Bearcat” of University of Cincinnati (2009) and defending champion “Big Blue” of Old Dominion University (2010).

The best news for Tech fans is that Hairy Dawg has been completely eliminated from competition after a poor showing during the regular season. Georgia fans “helped” Hairy Dawg to last place in the Capital One Mascot Challenge as he lost EVERY SINGLE match up finishing with an 0-12 record and a measly 209,650 votes cast in his favor. THWG!


Playoffs! Yes, We Are Talking About Playoffs
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