GTAA Welcomes Incoming Class with JumpStart Jackets Program

THE FLATS – As the newest class of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets arrived on campus this week, the first-year student-athletes will begin the annual JumpStart Jackets summer bridge program. The Athletics Association’s student-athlete services staff hosts a five-week series of interactive workshops that will help the newest Jackets transition to college life and help them better balance competition and academics.

Over the next five weeks, Tech’s 48 incoming freshmen will be acclimated to all things Georgia Tech, covering topics ranging from Tech traditions and an etiquette dinner to more complex issues such as mental health and academic integrity.

The program kicks off on Friday with an introduction to Tech’s Total Person Program and Leadership Academy before the freshmen embark on a group trip to the Civil Rights Museum in Atlanta. Over the next five weeks, the student-athletes will participate in team building exercises, community service trips and workshops covering the following topics:

*Sexual Assault Awareness
*Connecting in the Classroom
*Financial Literacy
*Mental Health/Wellness
*Alcohol and Drug Education
*QPR Training
*Study Skills and Research
*Diversity and Inclusion

In addition to the workshops, there are four Leadership Academy sessions in which the student-athletes will be introduced to how Tech builds Everyday Champions through:

*The Gold Code
*Mission, Values and Goals
*DiSC Assessment and Communication
*’Market Ready’ Professional Development

The workshops and Leadership Academy sessions are conducted by Georgia Tech campus instructors and staff, as well as members of the academic services staff and Total Person Program staff members. The JumpStart Jackets program will conclude on July 20 with a team building activity.

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GTAA Welcomes Incoming Class with JumpStart Jackets Program
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GTAA Welcomes Incoming Class with JumpStart Jackets Program
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