Chanell Clark-Bibb's Blog 4: Czeching In

June 30, 2013

The 2013 U.S. Women’s Junior National Team in Prague.


Since I last wrote a lot has happened. We’ve played two games against Russia and Thailand. We lost to Russia, won against Thailand. Both games were exciting games and both teams were very good. Although our main purpose here in Europe is to play and be successful in the World Championships, we have had time for fun as well.

On Wednesday we were able to go play laser tag. It was a lot of fun letting loose with the team and coaches. Of course my team, the green team, won every time. After laser tag we walked around the city or a little bit, and then we went to go get gelato.  I almost love the ice cream here more than the ice cream in America. It was nice to take a day off from volleyball, and have a good time with my teammates.

On Thursday we took a trip to the biggest city in the Czech Republic, Prague. Prague was so much fun. It is a big difference from Brno where we stay. The downtown was so busy and filled with different cultures of people. There were many people speaking English to interact with. The buildings were so old and beautiful to look at. We took a little hike to see the castle and the Catholic Church that was at the top of the city and bought interesting deserts, paintings, and jewelry along the way.

The true highlight of the day was going to McDonalds. I’m not a huge fan of McDonalds, but when I ate those French fries I was so happy; they were so good. All the vendors were very friendly and a joy to talk to. Surprisingly a lot of people could understand English, so they were happy to hold conversations with us. Although the train ride to and from was almost three hours, it was definitely worth the trip! To make the trip even better, we almost missed our train heading back to Brno. We almost lost a couple of people on the sprint heading back to the train station, but thankfully everyone made it. I really enjoyed myself!

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Chanell Clark-Bibb’s Blog 4: Czeching In
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Chanell Clark-Bibb’s Blog 4: Czeching In
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